1221 ADSL Router

The Telindus 1221 ADSL Router is a professional state-of-the-art router with built-in ADSL line interface offering asymmetric download speeds over a single two-wire unconditioned unshielded twisted-pair cable.
Together with its advanced routing features, it makes the Telindus 1221 ADSL Router the ideal access device for connecting business users.
The Telindus 1221 ADSL Router can be used as a CPE in combination with the Telindus 2400 Central office solution (Mini DSLAM, or in combination with any third-party DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Access Multiplexer)
The basic unit features one DSL interface and one 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Interface. Additional models offer the possibility to have an integrated Ethernet switch, to have a second independent Ethernet interface for the creation of e.g. a DMZ (Demilitarized zone), and to secure the DSL line by integrating backup through Euro ISDN.
Features and Benefits
  • Feature-rich router with built-in ADSL line interface
  • Direct connection to a DSLAM based access network
  • Support for advanced services based on VPN and VLANs
  • Advanced QoS mechanisms for supporting VoIP traffic
  • Standard 10/100 auto-sense Ethernet interface
  • Optional second Ethernet Interface for creation of DMZ
  • Optional built-in Ethernet switch
  • Optional ISDN back-up for securing the DSL line
  • Fully manageable with a variety of tools

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