1061 Router: 155 Mbps Routing capability

The Telindus 1061 Router is a high-speed router for access to a WAN rates up to 155 Mbps with a very competitive price/performance ratio.
The unit features two independent on-board 100Base-T LAN interfaces, and an interface slot accepting various TIMs (Telindus Interface Modules) with support for PPP, Frame-Relay or ATM. These interfaces include
  • Multiple E1 (up to 8) with support for IMA (Inverse Multiplexing over ATM), multilink PPP or multilink Frame-Relay.
  • E3/T3* with support for ATM
  • STM1 with support for ATM
  • 10/100 Ethernet interface with built-in 4 port switch

*T3 support Q3 2005

Features and Benefits
  • High performance access router with STM1 capacity
  • Modular interface modules for maximum flexibility
  • On-board dual Ethernet connectivity
  • Suitable for enterprises and service providers
  • 1 unit high compact housing
  • Combines IP routing, bridging, and VLAN switching in one device
  • Full IP QoS support
  • Complete management suite

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