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Route 66 Communications brings great products to the market from OneAccess (formally Telindus S.A.) These products include traditional TDM products for copper or fiber. In addition, the new Telindus Broadband products have generated a great deal of interest from our customers who are looking for a Voice, Data, Video solution. Regardless if you are looking for CPEs that will work point-to-point or a Central Office configuration, we are able to help meet your needs.
Examples of some of the products that we offer.
The 24xx series mini-DSLAM is more than a mini-DSLAM. Unlike other mini-DSLAMs , the 24xx series has PPPoE and PPPoA capabilities utilizing its modular STM, E3/T3 interfaces making a Router or BRAS unit unnecessary for the back end. There are 8  and 24 line models available for G.SHDSL and 24 line ADSL (annex A and B).
CPE's that work not only with the 24xx series mini-DSLAM, but work with other well known DSLAMs. Many of the Telindus G.SHDSL CPEs can be used as point-to-point units. Telindus has a professional ADSL modem, the Telindus 1221, which can provide VLAN, QoS, and many other features.
Telindus offer cost effective routers that range from 64Kb to STM1. The various models can be used at  remote offices or a central site.  Telindus Dynamic Routing Engine (TDRE) is at the core of many of these routers which support many advanced features required in today's networks
Traditional TDM products have always been a staple of the Telindus product line. If you are looking for a central office solution or a simple point-to-point connection, the Telindus TDM DSL Modems are sure to give you what you need.